For over 15 years Kemteck has been providing website design and internet marketing solutions for businesses in Minnesota and across the US.

Kemteck has two locations in Downtown-St Paul and Downtown-Minneapolis.

We’ve developed a thousand+ websites over the years and have worked with every type of website platform – from Ecommerce and shopping carts to real estate and MLS, restaurants, directories, WordPress, blogs, small and medium to large business websites. We offer competitive pricing for a website that fits all your needs.

Websites are not our only forte though, we also create, setup and manage social media accounts for businesses for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. We also increase search engine rankings by improving your current website’s SEO. And as experts in online business management we offer you many tips and strategies to boost your sales.

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Responsive Designed Websites

Websites that are optimized to fit the display size for all devices.






• All websites we create are designed to be “responsive”.

• Responsive Design is a type of website design style that allows the content – text, images, videos, etc. – to adjust to a user’s or viewer’s screen or device. Devices range from desktop monitors, laptops of all sizes, iPads and other tablets, and smart phones.

• “Why responsive?”

• The internet is a big place! Don’t lose a potential customer because your site didn’t load well on a user’s device. Another business offering your services is just a couple of clicks away.

• “How do I know if my current website is responsive or not?”

• Get a hold of a smart phone or tablet, open the internet browser and go to your website. If it has really small, hard to read text, small navigation buttons, a zoomed out look, or is just not functioning properly, your website is not responsive. If you don’t want a new website, we can help create a mobile friendly version of your current website.

• We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate for a new website with a responsive design, or a converted to mobile website.


• In 2014 it is estimated that over half of all internet users are using a mobile device when browsing the internet.

• Your company’s website needs to work well on iPads and other tablets, as well as smart phones in order to retain your customers/clients.

• Our solution is to take your current website and convert the content to a mobile friendly design with easy to use contact, directions, and other integrated apps that can easily connect “you” with “your” customer.