The social media platforms were bombarded by “Alex from Target posts”. When an individual apparently snapped a photograph of her cashier who she thought to be quite attractive and made it viral via the web via a simple Hashtag. the CEO of Breakr a marketing firm claims that they had launched the #AlexfromTarget text into the social media world to experiment how much exposure was received. The hashtag and the photograph of the individual, unaware that his picture was being taken changing the views of the internet marketing world. How? By displaying the vass effects of social media. Within a day social media exposure can increase a company’s branding platform then basic advertising itself. Breakr disclosed that once the hashtag was driven into social media, the company began trying contributing more fuel to the social media fire by using various other platforms to maintains popularity. See #AlexFromTarget social media experiment for more details. Now what this company did is a great example of how companies can create their own catchy hashtags and feed the phenomenon themselves.

The company even created fake accounts to feed to the social media phenomenon and increase e its exposure. Although this was a deceiving platform, there are other ways to look at this. Companies do nto need to make fake accounts to increase and promote their marketing platforms but instead have employees increase the exposure of the platform by sharing and using the language. #AlexFromTarget is a great example on about how the Internet Marketing platform has been forever changed by social media.


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