What are Google analytics?

There are many software features out there to help you analyze the website traffic statistics, but one of the most popular features offered on the web is Google analytics. Before we begin, it’s best to summarize the definition of Google analytics since that was the main question on hand.

Google analytics is a complementary tool offered via Google. The tool generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic, traffic sources, and measures conversions and sales. It is one of the largest and most used website statistic services. Although the tool is complimentary, Google does offer a premium version of the service. However addition charges are associated with the premium service. (Google.com).

Now let’s break it down.

1)      Google analytics measures multiple categories for the individual to understand the background of the prospective, potential and current individuals visiting their site.

2)      You can calculate how many individuals visit your site on a daily basis and how many of these individuals are repeat and new visitors.

3)      You can also go into a deeper view of the demographics of the individuals visiting your site. I.e. the specific country, the state, etc.

4)      You can measure how long individuals spend on your site and on specific pages.

5)      Another feature on Google analytics tells you what browsers individuals are viewing your site view. *Note that every browser is different and your website will be different in each browser. I.e. if they’re viewing the site via a PC, smart phone or tablet.

6)      You have the opportunity to measure the benefits of certain add words and the effects on your consumer.

There are many more proponents to Google analytics but the basic message is, it is a tool that helps you measure the web statistics of your site. It is a beneficial tool; because often times you spend days creating an advertising campaign, but you never understand the effects of the site. Google analytics helps individual analyze if their website and format is really attracting prospective customers. Use the statistics to determine if your website format is effective. It doesn’t hurt to have additional feedback.

Remember when you’ are developing your website you want to see it through the eyes of you consumer. It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone but a lot more difficult to go beyond these levels. However for the benefit of your company, understanding the analytics of a site is important. Luckily there are tools out there to make it convenient. Take some time and measure your site’s effectiveness via Google analytics.

If your service is via Kemteck Inc. then you’re getting the full Kemteck experience. When we develop your website we will install Google analytics to help you measure your website traffic and explain the results.

Kemteck is here to give you the full internet marketing experience. We want you to keep asking questions, seek our advice and help you or your company succeed! Thanks for checking into ASK Kemteck Thursdays!

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