Are you still stressed out about finding the perfect WordPress theme? There is a theme out there that is perfect for creating your first business website.

Nirvana by Cryout Creations. It is not the theme that we are using, but it is a complimentary theme that does not require any CSS coding if you are a beginner.

Here’s how you download the theme via WordPress.

1) Click on the appearance tab on the dashboard.

2) Click on themes.

3) Click on add new and browse themes.

4) The easiest way to search for the theme is to search Nirvana and you will find Nirvana by Cryout Creations.

5) Activate the theme and then click on Nirvana theme settings on the side.

All your options are available in the settings page including your social media icons. Nirvana is a great way to start your business website. Once you’re ready to go full responsive, you always have Kemteck as an option. We will take care of all your website development needs.

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