The conspiracy behind whether #AlexFromTarget was a social media experiment by Breakr is still being questioned, but the thought behind the alleged experiment itself is something that is very important to the internet marketing and social media world.

It was said that Breakr took advantage of the twitter posts and created their own hashtag among the fan girl paradigm-what can we learn from this?

When it comes to promoting your business via social media always have a target audience that you are specifically marketing to. #AlexfromTarget began targeting the fan girl sphere but later caught the attention of a much larger audience via its social media attention. When ti comes to social media a business only needs a small range of individuals to perpetuate the popularity of said entity via social media.

Breakr claims to have fueled both sides of the conservation, contributing to positive and negative reviews about #AlexFromTarget. It is in the benefit of the company to always acquire good reviews but ironically bad reviews also work in a company’s favor. Look at this why, its all about getting an online presence via the web. Individuals take more an initiative to research bad reviews over positive reviews so don’t be afraid to put negative energy out there, it may work in your favor.

Whether it was Breakr who launched the #AlexFromTarget phenomenon or just an individual being creative on social media, it shows how hashtags and social media can increase internet marketing platforms faster than a single advertisement itself. Social media is a one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.

Here are some powerful business tips when it comes to social media.

1) Research what is trending on social media, use #hashtags that can be linked to an already trending phenomenon to increase your exposure. For example #AlexFromTargetsInternetMarketingEffects. An individual does not have to search the whole entire hashtag before they are guided to your specific posts.

2) Concentrate on a specific group and let these individuals increase your exposure.

3) Positive or negative, if individuals are talking about your business or product then know that you’re on the social media radar.

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