In today’s society, everything is online and advertising possibilities are endless. Companies are spending thousands of dollars on internet advertising. However, it still helps to go back to the basics. I’m talking about relying on traditional strategies, we’re talking about Press releases. Press releases are a great way to increase business exposure.

Why Press Release? Press releases are a great way to gain exposure. Its a way to attain exposure with multiple mediums. Traditional press releases were linked to newspapers, but times have changed because of technology. Press releases are a great way for bloggers, news medias and consumers to help endorse your business. All you need is a couple of simple words about your business, if you’re just starting off, it could be tailored to the launching of a local business. It could be a basic release about an upcoming launch for your established company or a change in management. Press releases are a way to get a basic story out to the media and the topics are never ending. With the evolution of technology, your Press releases can be all over the place. Sending your press release to local newspapers, but don’t stop there, launch them on your own blog, on your social media, on your company newsletters, make your presence known with press releases. The wonderful thing about press release exposure? It creates a ripple effect of ongoing exposure, how? when you launch a press release through news media, it creates a cycle of exposure. Other medias, bloggers, and consumers might take interest and share your press releases on their mediums, causing a never ending cycle of exposure. Remember the benefits of social media? Its not just the news, its every where! Please note that a press release is not a sales ad or call to action plan. Don’t worry we’ll give you some great tips on writing a press release on Tuesday with Tuesday Tips to Success.