How do you clean out the cache of your browser so I can see the updated version of a website?

So before we go through the steps on how to clean out the cache of a browser, its probably important to understand what cache is…

According to computerhope.com “a cache is a high-speed access area that can be either a reserved section of main memory of a storage device” (computerhope.com)

There are two types of Caches:

Memory cache: a portion on memory of the high-speed static RAM(SRAM) information in the SRAM because many programs access the same data. Instead of repeating the process of creating new data.


Disk Cache: access commonly used data by using the main memory of the hard drive. This cache stores the most recent data and is regularly accessed when a program needs access from a disk. (computerhope.com).


Internet Browser Cache: helps increase of data loads while you’re browsing the internet Each time a web page is opened all the files from the page and sent to the browser’s temporary cache on the hard drive. The data is saved and when the page is accessed again the cache retrieves the data from the browser instead of re downloading the page. (computerhope.com).


Cache Server: this is a computer or network device that has been setup to store web pages. When you re-access a web page via your browser your browser retrieves the previously stored web page instead of the current network. This is to prevent internet traffic congestion and saves your internet provide additional costs. (computerhope.com).


Don’t worry, this isn’t harmful to your computer it actually helps you save time and prevents website congestion. However, there is a downside to it. Like we discussed before, when you revisit a website your computer pulls data from the cache instead of re downloading the data. This is a problem, because that means you are not getting to view the most updated version of a website. Meaning what you’re viewing is not current. Here are some steps to clearing your internet cache.


  1. Open “Internet Explorer”
  2. Look to the top right of the browser/ Internet Explorer under the “X / Close Window”
  3. Click the “Gear/ Cog” icon
  4. In the menu, select “Internet Options” – It will open a small window titled “Internet Options” with a tab open named “General”
  5. On the “General” tab look under “Browsing history”
  6. Click “Settings” – another smaller window will open called “Website Data Settings”
  7. Select “Every time I visit the webpage”
  8. click “OK”
  9. Close the remaining windows and try reloading the website in a new tab. (Kemteck.com).


Use these steps to clear the cache on your internet browser so you can view updated versions of your favorite website. I know you’re probably thinking, won’t it increase my website traffic. It is true the cache is used to decrease website traffic but it will not affect the way you view websites, it will actually benefit you, because you need to know what is current. It will cost your internet provider more, but it will not be an additional costs to you.


You’re probably wondering why internet providers set up the cache this way. Lets be honest, when you are a business, customer profits are important and we agree. Having the website data downloaded for repeat websites does help save internet data and energy. However your consumers are missing out on updates and this is why clearing your cache is important. You need to keep up to date with the latest version of your web pages and browsers.


What are the next steps you should be taking? First make sure your internet cache is cleared and turned off so you can view the most recent webpages. And make sure that your business website is up to date. It is important to get the full experience of your website experience, from the business side and the consumer website.

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