New research says that America pays the second most globally on digital advertising. We spend about $201 per person in the US, just behind Norway. This amount of money per person is increasing all the time, because internet usage and adoption is increasing. The US is just leading the digital trend but soon many other countries will follow. More and more people are gaining internet access on computers, but in other countries the we are seeing a huge growth in mobile users.

To adopt to this trend it is vital for your website to be visible to all users and for you to promote your brand through every outlet you can. Having a mobile website or a responsive website can give you a great platform to promote your products, especially for users who are clicking on ads while on their mobile phones. With the rise of adblocker it is harder and harder to display ads to users, so when you do get new visitors it is a must to give them the best site possible and decrease your bounce rate.

Running online ads are getting more and more expensive, but it still costs less than any physical advertising. The increasing costs also show the importance of maximizing your social media presence, which only costs you time. Most social media sites are now incorporating ads, or featuring certain posts, which can provide new niches for your business to adopt. Using more than one source of traffic increases your visibility, and increase in value over time. Acquiring the first hundred followers is always the hardest, but as you grow the become easier and easier to gain. The more people that like your business, the more people they will share the information with, without you having to do anything.


Because acquiring followers is hard early on, many people use ads to gain early customers. This can be an expensive option, but can also be one of the best ways to grow your business fast. Certain keywords get displayed millions of times a day and you can advertise to all those people, but keywords like that are very expensive. More niched focused keywords cost less, and can be easier to conquer when first starting to advertise. PPC Advertising is also seeing a decrease in CTR while seeing an increase in cost over time, making it a harder investment to make because online customers are becoming increasingly savvy. Foreign markets have yet to hit this point but will most likely go the same way.