According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ the average American individual spends about 40 minutes a day on average on Facebook (http://www.bls.gov). However this statistic only correlates with the amount of time spent viewing an individual’s news feed. Now why does this matter? News feeds are a summary of what’s happening with individuals and businesses. Getting your business out there on Facebook is important because of the parallels between word of mouth networking, except its on the internet. There are consumers out there who are loyal to your business, loyal to your brand. Facebook gives you a chance to brand yourself no costs necessary, all you need to do is create the page for your business. However, unlike most visual marketing techniques, Facebook is slightly different than your website face. In a limited amount of pages, a prospective customer needs to know what your businesses is if they are learning about it via Facebook news feeds. Here are the crucial points to setting up a business Facebook page.

1) Make sure to add a strong about me section. It does not have to be a strong biography about your business. Its actually better to do it this way: Pretend you are about to give a huge elevator speech about your business but you only have 2 minutes to highlight your business, what would you say? That is how Facebook works, if a prospective customer is about to view your Facebook page they want the highlight of your business not a whole biography. If your page does come of interest to a prospective customer they will seek your website out and explore your site to learn more.

2) When it comes to loyal customers, seek out what your permanent customers appreciate about your business presentation or about the business itself and create your Facebook page through that. Refresh the reasons they love your business and develop likes. It’s just a quick click of a button but the number of likes a business has on their Facebook represents the popularity of the business to the customer.

3) Keep posting about  business updates, what’s new with the business, what’s happening in the community. Is your business involved with the community. That is probably one of the most important ways to use Facebook. Use social media as your own News Press, let the consumer know how you have been involved with your community and what you plan to do for them. Seeing this helps a prospective customer view a different aspect of your business and create a more interpersonal relationship with your business outside of your standard webpage.

4) Acknowledge your customer feedback via Facebook. One of the advantages of Facebook is consumers can comment and write reviews about your business. Yes they can do that on your website too if you have comments section, however there’s an advantage to Facebook. When an individual comments on another page, this could be an individual or a business page, their activity shows up on the news-feed of all the individuals they are friends with via Facebook. I myself have often been on my news feed and noticed that a friend of mine commented on a business that I did not necessarily know about. I then preceded to view their activity and went onto the business page to learn more about the business my friend was commenting on.

In my example I showed you how news feeds are interlinked. Facebook is a tool to build your audience and build your relationship with loyal and prospective customers. However this is not always easy. A lot of people do not understand the implications of Facebook and often times fail at developing their brand via Facebook. Here is how I can help. On August 12, 2014 I will post the next Tuesday Tips for Success and my topic for your the consumer. How to brand yourself via Facebook. In the mean time remember that you do have options. You have Kemteck to help you design and develop your business Facebook and Social Media. We will set up your accounts and give you the training you need to create a strong Social media platform. Is that no what I am doing right now? Take advantage of the Kemteck Experience and stay tuned next week for Tuesday Tips for Success.

To view 
 the average American’s activity statistics: http://www.bls.gov/

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