The Duckwall Team is trying their own strategy for attracting and helping customers, on their TwinCitiesRealEstateShow.com site by Kemteck.  Full of videos, coupons, calls to action and promotions of all kinds, the website fosters an understanding of everything that goes into owning a home, and helps prospective buyers to see an ally instead of a profiteer.

Videos on the site contain everything from How to Find Water Intrusion Points in a Home, to What Homes Qualify for VA, FHA or Conventional Financing to which photos to use in the listing for your home.  Interspersed among the videos and posts are coupons for various businesses and services which not only work to help their customers save money, but also throw light on everything else that goes into the sale and purchase of homes.

The site includes all of the normal tools a real estate website as well, with simply the first page being oriented toward videos.  The other tabs include bios on each member of the team, tools for buyers and sellers, and listings for houses in the area.  But the Duckwall team has itself done a remarkable job of creating a fresh take which will continue to make customers feel at ease and draw future customers to their offices.