Since its founding in 1985, Citrus Systems has been an establishment in the Twin Cities community and lately has been creating a reputation for agility in the ever-changing juice industry.  With Kemteck’s help, they are hoping to use their new site, CitrusSystems.com, to solidify this business model and are quickly becoming the go-to juicers for service and efficiency.

The front page of their site offers exceedingly easy access to all the products and services Citrus System offers.  Get a quick slideshow of the quality you can expect by partnering with Citrus.  Scroll down to get the impressive stats on their latest facility and production process.  Each major product further below has its own friendly picture, which allows them to receive “Like”s on each one and allows potential customers to easily access further details or just see a larger image.

Citrus has made its mark by partnering with some of the biggest food distributors in the region and even the nation.  They’ve been able to start with a simple business model and expand their endeavors, while still having a solid base which they specialize at.  Starting with the hospitality trade and their Bag-in-box design, they’ve moved out to a wider variety of markets, including retail.

Their website from Kemteck is allowing them to expand even further, with ease of access to customers of all parts of the process and a user-friendly template. All parts of the site show off their ability to adapt to new trends, develop new products and align their logistics to work for you, the customer.