We have had many posts about branding yourself via Facebook. Why? Well Facebook  is the most known social media platform out there, but that doesn’t mean that every individual is on Facebook. In our last posts we talked about the benefits of having LinkedIn. It is a low key professional network. Many people appreciate LinkedIn because it separates their social media platform from an interpersonal media to a professional setting. However, not many individuals know how to brand their business via LinkedIn. So here are some steps to brand your business via LinkedIn.


1) If you are the manager of the business page make sure that your personal profile is up to date and then your business Linked In. Checking  your LinkedIn once week and updating content on your page will benefit your business.

2) Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is very professional, encourage your colleagues and employees to add your company to their profile. It gives the company more exposure and shows that your team members are connected. It always gives other individuals a way to find your business and follow your business.

3) Make sure you connect your website and blogs to Linked in. Always make sure your links work. Your end goal is to guide your prospective customers to your main website.

4) Ask your employees to add testimonials about your business or invite clients to comment on your business. Word of mouth via testimonials will really benefit your business.

5) Maintain status updates. Talk about the new things happening in your business. Mini Press Releases Talk about new projects, new clients, new features. Advertise career opportunities, make your presence active on Linked in. I recommend writing your status like mini Press Releases because that will help you maintain a professional atmosphere to your status.

6) Join groups with your business profile or follow other business. Find groups that have similar products, advertising or marketing strategies. Make your presence known on the LinkedIn networks. You can also submit your mini statuses in groups, share what’s happening in your company. Its all about making connections and promoting your professional exposure.

And remember LinkedIn is part of the social media package with Kemteck Inc so if you’re not sure about LinkedIn. We will get you started, develop your LinkedIn page and teach you how to use it.

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