Start on a micro level and not on a macro! One of the largest mistakes individuals make when developing their blogs is they go for the overall macro picture. The thing is creating and starting a blog content is difficult but it does not have to be. It’s all about developing and evolving. Yes there are many tangents associated with blogs such as SEO checks and having great visuals, but before you concentrate on this, concentrate on your content. Start simple. few colours, few boxes. Simplicity is key…

First develop your blog text content. What do you want your prospective costumers to know? ¬†What’s the main information you want out there for your customers. It’s not about being flashy its about getting your info out there. Again its not about the SEO, its about the blog content, what you want them to know. Always start with developing your points and you will find that SEO key words will come naturally with your writing.

Individuals aren’t looking for flashy websites, yes flash does help, but they’re looking for content. They want to find all the information they’re looking for.

Rely on your content. Be confident and you will find everything else will come naturally.