Some individuals love feedback on their blogs. Its great to hear what individuals think about products or other entities. However, many of us find ourselves victims of SPAM comments. Some individuals disable comments on their websites in fear of SPAM comments. Well today we’re going to discuss a great WordPress Plugin, reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA is a great is a tool that helps prevent spam comments from affecting your website. SPAM comments have no become a thing of the fast. Don’t worry we won’t leave without the full information here is how you install reCAPTCHA.

1) Click on the Plugins tab of the left side menu.

2)  Click on the add new button on the top left corner of the Plugin page.

3) Search for the Plugin reCAPTCHA.

4) Click on install and activate.

There you have it four easy steps to preventing spam comments from effecting your blog or website.