What is Twitter exactly?  Twitter is a social media platform in which individuals can engage in short discussions, share thoughts, and follower businesses and individuals. For more information check out Twitter for Businesses.

Now that we understand the basics of Twitter let’s talk about how to increase your followers.

I recently viewed a tutorial where it discussed an easy way to increase your twitter followers. When it comes to twitter, its all about how many followers you have and how much activity you have on twitter.

Here’s three steps to help increase your Twitter followers:

1) Start following your prospective customers. Don’t wait for them to come and find you, find your followers. If you begin follow a mass number of individuals chances are about 25% of them will start following you back. ¬†Look at this way, if you follow 100 people, chances are twenty five of them will follow you back. Ok, twenty five might sound like a low number, but look at it this way, twenty five individuals have been made aware of your business!

2) Follow similar businesses to yourself! It will work in your benefit, why? Because you’re building a community with these businesses. In addition to this, you can engage in more discussions and their followers are exposed to your brand.

3) Engage in Twitter discussions, re-tweet your competitors Tweets, comment, share. The more activity you have on Twitter, the more benefits to your business exposure.

Look at this way, no one will find you unless you make them find you, yourself!