A couple of weeks ago we answered you question about how WordPress can help you. We discussed the basic benefits of WordPress, but now we are going to introduce WordPress Wednesdays. A series of posts every Wednesday about the different aspects of WordPress. Like we said we want to be there for you the customer, makes things as stress free as possible.

For your convenience, we will start WordPress Wednesdays with a re-posts of how WordPress will benefit you!

When you create a website you gain access to a great number of options, such as themes, widgets and plugins. But before we move on,.it let’s define what each of these items are:

  • Themes: are pre-created website formats that include all the styles and page templates needed to create a basic website. The text, headers, menus and sides bars are already into place along with colors to develop your basic site.
  • Widgets: Are components that help you determine where certain info is displayed. For example, Widgets contribute to the styling of your websites, i.e. how many columns of content displayed on each page.
  • Plugins: A feature that helps you add onto a theme. I.e. creating additional contact forms or social media buttons, security features and virtually any function you could want on a website.

Why is knowing this important? Well the beauty of WordPress is it can be used in two ways, you can use it as someone who is familiar with coding or as someone who does not understand coding but can maneuver their way through various applications and how to guides. WordPress makes everything simple. As we discussed you have the option to select a pre-selected theme. Please note that there are additional costs to specific themes. WordPress provides a wide variety of complementary themes to accommodate for those on a budget.

Some individuals are not satisfied with the default settings or styles of themes. The great benefit of WordPress is the ability to customize your website and give it a unique feel rather than the basic theme that many other users may be using as well. if you download various widgets and plugins you, you have the option to alter the themes, colours and fonts in addition to creating buttons and much more. There are millions of WordPress tutorials out there that make using WordPress simple and easy.

It’s all about signing up for the WordPress account, you do not have to have .WordPress on your site too. All you need to do is develop your website and you can import your WordPress account into your own domain. It’s simple, its easy, its stress free and you have control over your site.

This was just a re-posts of how WordPress will benefit you. We will break it down and make it easy for you! Stay tuned for WordPress Wednesdays.