We’re going to go in a little different route today with WordPress Wednesday. Now you know how to create a blog, but what’s the next step? Organization. The reality is when you’re running all your social media and executing new marketing campaigns, well blogs aren’t the easiest thing to maintain, but we at Kemteck will simplify things for you. Here are some¬†simple tips and steps:

Goal: Blog 5 to 7 times per week-  great goal, but realistically its better to blog 3 to 4 times a week. Start with three and make four a bonus and we have four bonus tips for you!

1) If you’re going to blog about a specific topic every week, associate specific days of the week with specific tops such as Tuesday Tips, Monday Marketing, Theoretical Thursday Tips, play around with titles and have fun with it.

2) Narrow down your topics, too many categories can overwhelm your reader and make them lost interest. Try to keep a couple of broad categories and organize your sub categories into your broad categories. It helps the reader navigate through your blog easily.

3) Try to keep your blog posts, small and simple. You might find three small blog posts in a single long posts. Keeping your blog posts smalla nd simple makes your potential reader return to your blog and helps increase your internet traffic.

4) Another way to organize your blog is by maintaining a blog calender. You don’t have to write your blog posts on a specific day. It might work in your favor to write two or three blogs ahead of time and map out the days you would like to posts. When other internet marketing plans get in the way, a blog calender will really work in your favor and you can schedule posts to appear on specific days: See Scheduling posts with WordPress.