In past posts we have talked about the importance of SEO and using specific key words to boosts your search engine availability, but there are negative aspects to SEO or negative SEO?  Beforew e begin lets talk about what negative SEO is?

According to Google:

Negative SEO refers to the practice of using black hat and unethical techniques to sabotage a competitor’s rankings in search engines.

Negative SEO attacks can take a number of different forms: Hacking your website. Building hundreds or thousands of spam links to your website. (Google.com)

Negative SEO is using the same keyword multiple times to increase your ranking on a search engine. There is a keyword density that many individuals should be aware of when it comes to increasing your SEO.

How will this affect you? 

Many search engines have techniques to measure of a website is abusing their SEO keywords. Many of these engines will either block a websites appearance via their search engine or move the website’s ranking to the lowest point possible.

How can you avoid negative SEO? Well if you’re creating your website via WordPress there are many plug in options that will help measure SEO such as SEO by Yoast.

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