If your company is heavily reliant on the visual aspect of its products or services, then Pinterest will be an invaluable tool in promoting yourself. Pinterest is all about the visual–the content is eye-catching, creative, and fun, and when used strategically, has the potential for your business to reach wide markets while staying inside your target niche, or branching out as well if that is your goal.

Pinterest is a large online collection of images called “pins,” which, when clicked on, many link to outside websites featuring articles, videos, how-to’s, and many more. The idea is that the image on the pin is what grabs your attention, and if the image is attractive to pinners, the chances of it being clicked on, “liked,” or “repinned” increases greatly. So, to be successful on Pinterest, one must post quality content. Something that sets Pinterest apart from Facebook and Twitter is the shelf-life of your pins. Once you post them, they may circulate around pinterest forever, always seeming new to pinners who had not yet seen it, thus bringing website traffic back to you potentially months or years after a pin was made.

Typical pins found on Pinterest relate to crafts, tutorials, wedding ideas, recipes, and home decor, however there are other entire realms that will cater to your business’s niche, and by sharing your products and know-how on Pinterest, you can easily increase the popularity of your brand and create more traffic in both your online presence and your physical location.

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