“Profit Boosters” – Tips and ideas to make more money!

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  1. Business Name – try to have a business name that is short, simple, says what the business is and generally not your last name.  You want people to remember your name and easily associate your business with your products and services.
  2. Tagline – An excellent tagline or slogan is a necessity.  Right away it should be available for prospects and customers to see or hear.  It should reflect your products, services and the benefits!
  3. Logo – Select a logo the quickly symbolizes who and what your business is graphically.  Think of the Target logo for Target.
  4. Branding – Branding means displaying the same logo, tagline, message, colors in virtually all communications.
  5. Domain Name – The domain name(s) you use are probably the most important item on the list.  Domain names are the hardest item to get right as availability is limited.  It is recommended that you reserve many domain names.  Companies are known to purchase 100′s.  Definitely purchase domain names that are; the name of your business, shorten names of your business, plural names, misspelled names, names of your products/services, etc.
  6. Social Media – A social media presence is a must, it’s free and you only need to do the basics, create a profile, brand your page and setup contact. Many potential clients and customers will vet a business or company before choosing to do business with them, this includes doing a “google” search and browsing websites, reviews and social media for authenticity. It is highly recommended to have a Facebook, Twitter, and a Google+ if nothing else.