Many business and consumers have been asking, what is Responsive design and why is it important to my business and viewing experience? Great question and here’s your answer.

Responsive design is creating multiple ways of viewing a site that is tailored to the user’s device to optimize their viewing experience, i.e via desktop, tablet and smart phones. Navigation and techniques are manipulated to match the screen format and gives the user  an easy viewing experience.

The user viewing experience is important to both the business and the consumer. In earlier posts we discussed the frustrations of viewing websites via multiple mediums and the negative consequences. Responsive design does not remove the original content. The images, buttons and navigation are all altered. For example if you were viewing Kemteck’s responsive sites you would find a significant difference between the mobile site view and the PC site view. When you’re viewing Kemteck’s website you see the full site with multiple navigation options.

This is why responsive design is important because of the convenience, but what about the process? Unlike websites which use pixels as a form of measurement to create the perfect viewing experience for your website; mobile sites and tablets use a different form of measurement that consists of measuring images, menus and scrolls as a percentage. One of way creating responsive web design is through the use of CSS media queries.

CSS media queries are modules that allow the manipulation of screen resolution to adapt to various medium conditions through the use of certain CSS rules. The process takes the original content and measures all components and creates a program, resolutions and various maneuvers adapt to the screen size of the medium used to view the site.  Do not get too excited because I have learned myself  that you cannot use one CSS media query code to adapt to all types of responsive sites. The fact is, each type of medium requires its own CSS code. So with different types of technological mediums out there, a business must contribute their time to adapt a responsive site to each medium, ie the multiple types of smart phones, PC and Mac browsers and tablets.

Now why is it important to spend time learning various types of CSS rules to maneuver your site and make it into a responsive site to multiple mediums? The consumer wants to see that you have taken the time to make things convenient for the your loyal and prospective customers. However, this is difficult when your business’ concentration is on a product completely different from website and responsive site development. These are other options and that’s probably why you are here reading the Kemteck Blog.

Here’s some great news, Kemteck specializes in responsive design. Contact Kemteck and we will create a responsive design web platform for you so that you the business have the ultimate internet marketing experience. Do not become frustrated with the internet marketing phenomena. Instead take advantage of what it has to offer. It is an investment, lets be honest everything has a cost associated with it, but trust as, Kemteck will take care of you stress free. So here’s the next step. Contact Kemteck and get a free quote today. Only takes a couple minutes and check out what the Kemteck Experience has to offer.

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