When it comes to managing a blog, many people fear having to post every day. The consistency and commit is very difficult, especially when you’re a small business trying to establish your business platform. Many people invest in various applications to schedule posts on certain days. The beauty of WordPress? You can create one week’s worth of content ahead of time and schedule it to posts daily without an additional cost on WordPress itself. The more money you save the better right? Here are some simple steps to scheduling your WordPress posts.

1) Writing your blog posts is the same. Click on New posts on the top menu ┬ábar and write out each of your blog posts. Complete the editing and review portion of the posts. Once you’re done here’s the next step.

2) On the right side bar, you’ll see a menu that says Publish. Your options go as follow, Status: Publish and SEO if you have an SEO plugin installed. We recommend SEO by Yoasts.

2) Click on the Edit option next to Publish immediately and chose the date and time that you would your WordPress blog published and click Publish.

Don’t worry it won’t publish right away, instead it will publish on your scheduled date. You can schedule a whole month’s worth of content and have it published automatically. Stress free via WordPress.