1) Blogging. According to Mike Lieberman, chief marketing scientist and president of Square Marketing, “By blogging at least twice a week, you significantly increase your websites ability to be found on search engines” (cio.com).

  1. Blogging takes consistency and it is constantly advancing. A blog requires new content in each posts which means that you are constantly adding new content to your website if your blog is linked to your business site. It’s a great way to get increase your SEO statistics. Take advantage of blogging. You can promote weekly news letters via your blog, discuss the latest marketing techniques or talk about new strategies your company is trying. Do not give the public all your secrets, but just give them a preview of projects or plans that your company is implementing. Create a relationship with your customers via your blog and always make sure that you have a great call to action lead at the end of each posts to help your business profit.

2)  Social Media.  “Social  media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing or direct mail says Mike Volpe, CMO of Hubspot” (cio.com).

  1. Make sure your business has an internet presence on Social Media: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Youtube. Your business face is important on social media, because everyone has a presence on social media. Your website alone is not enough. Social media is free marketing and advertising yes there are costs to actually advertising via social media, but we’re talking about advertising by fans. Social media is the best way for you loyal customers and prospective customers to follow you, share your work, and develop more leads for your business.

3)  Facebook Advertising. “Facebook is one of the most important marketing tools for any business to use, especially a small business,’ says Tori Hoffman, social media strategists for Poratz automotive advertising agency.

  1. Brand your business on Facebook. It’s as simple as that. More individuals spend time on Facebook than other sites alone. Branding yourself Facebook helps develop your internet marketing campaign. You can launch your local ads on your page and promote upcoming events or upcoming products. You’ll find that your fans will start advertising for you. Not sure how to brand yourself via Facebook: here’s an article that will help Brand yourself via Facebook:

4) Pinterest and Instagram.

  1. Visuals do help and Pinterest and Instagram are great ways to promote your business merchandise. Get creative with your photographs, you can even promote your advertising campaigns. Pinterest and Instagram will benefit you like Facebook. Remember its free marketing, all you have to do is plant the seed and your fans will do the rest for you.

5)TwitterDuct Tape Marketing founder John Jantsch identified three big advantages of Twitter, (1) I get great insight when I ask questions, (2) let’s face it, I get traffic and (3) people on Twitter spread my thoughts to new places.” (copyblogger.com).

  1. Twitter is basically a mini blog. Your quotes and words are condensed but it’s another way to attain free marketing.  How, like we said you get great insights from your fans and your fans are the ones who are sharing your insights. With Twitter, you’ll find that your tweets will reach prospective customers faster than paid marketing campaigns.

6) Youtube and Vimeo

  1. Youtube and vimeo are other great ways to get your marketing campaign going. Like I said individuals love visuals. Start uploading your commercials to Youtube and vimeo and let your fans do the rest. You will find that your advertisements will collect more likes and views on video social media. Individuals spend more time on the web. The truth is not many individuals are going to see your commercials on television, because many individuals prefer to skip through commercials, so take advantage of free advertising on Youtube and Vimeo.

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