Let’s talk about the benefits of mobile websites and how they can increase or decrease your business sales. The best way to begin your business strategy is looking at it through the consumer’s perspective. We’re talking about the frustrated individual who has to look at a website on their phone.  Let’s be honest, smart phones make things easy. However, technology tailor to your convenience, especially when it comes to viewing a web site via your smart phone. And this is why…

The Hypothetical Kemteck Experience

Consumer 1, “I just finished developing my business and I am ready to market my business online.”

Consumer 2, “That’s great, a lot of prospective customers like to search for companies via the web, but do you know how to develop a website, where to hosts, or how to get your name out there?”

Consumer 1, “No but I am sure we can search for some local business, let me check my phone.”

As they begin searching local businesses that offer web development and internet marketing.

Consumer 1, “This company looks interesting, lets look at their campaign”.

Company X does offer Internet Marketing but and mobile sites, but has not changed their own mobile site. Consumer 1, “Well I just wasted an hour of my time” really only taking five minutes to scroll.

Consumer 2, “Hey look here’s a company called Kemteck and they’re easy to access and research through our phones. Look we can also give them a call or get a free quote on the spot.”

What did we learn from here?

Company X should have concentrated on improving their own business;s development before offering Mobile Websites. On average a consumer only take five minutes of their time to view a businesses because time is money. It luckily worked out for us at Kempteck because we got their business! Now lets’s see what else we learned.

The point of having a mobile phone.

Smart phones make things more convenient for individuals, it is a great way to communicate through multiple channels. Accessing social media is simple. If individuals are accessing their social media through their smart phones what else will they be looking for. EVERYTHING!!! I prefer things to be quick and easy. When I click onto a site through my phone I do not want to have to scroll through the site the same way I do from my PC. I want options, quick and easy buttons that will guide me to where I want to go. However, you may ask why invest in mobile websites when many individuals may look at a site once and then forget about it. Well as a consumer myself I remember the businesses that took the additional time to tailor to my convenience. Let’s be honest its all about the consumer, if the consumer is happy the business is happy. Check out Kemteck’s mobile website for example. Simply easy and efficient. And that’s what consumers want.

The point of investing in a mobile website in addition to an internet website is making things convenient for the customer.

Technology is constantly advancing and so is the web. Almost every mobile device has data. According to CNN Money “Mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January. Apps made up 47% of Internet traffic and 8% of traffic came from mobile browsers, according to data from comScore, cited Thursday by research firm Enders Analysis. PCs clocked in at 45%.” Just looking at the difference, the highest percent of internet traffic was through mobile devices”. This shows that individuals are spending more time accessing businesses and much more via their mobile device. An additional 10% of consumers! That is a significant difference and we’re talking winter time which, lets be honest depending on where you are in the world, you’re still cold. A winter in Hawaii is a summer in Alaska. So even when individuals are cold, they’re still accessing their mobile phones. Lets be honest people are crazy about technology so what’s the next step…

Even if you are a developing or an established business owner, marketing is ever changing. Especially with our current society, lets be honest smart phones change faster than seasons. So you need to be up to date with technology. Having a site is important, but there are many more components to a site. Lets be honest,developing a web site is difficult. How do you create an additional mobile site while trying to maintain your current site and business protocols. Hmm that’s a hard question, oh wait you’re reading a company blog that specializes in creating mobile sites. I cannot believe I did not think about that before.

So what’s the next step. Contact us! Via Mobile Phone, Home Phone, Email, or through our website. We are all over the place. Quick call 612-623-8347 Email info@kemteck.com or contact us through https://www.kemteck.com/contact-us/ We have adapted to anything and everything just for your convenience.

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Now that you have gotten in contact with us, feel free to read the full article about Mobile Apps taking over PC internet Usage in the US: http://money.cnn.com/2014/02/28/technology/mobile/mobile-apps-internet/