SSL Certificates are data files that digitally blind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. It is a security device used to secure connections from a web browser. For example if a company wishes to sell a product via their web pages, SLL certificates secure the payment information used by the consumer and binds them to the company’s database. The certificate binds the company’s domain name, server, and hosts along with the organization’s identity and location.  (globalsign.com).

The benefit of having an SSL certificate helps the company expand their business in addition to verifying customer security and privacy policy. Many consumers fear giving their credit information via the internet because of the multiple security breaches by internet hackers. I.e the Target and Cub foods security breaches. This is why SSL certificates are beneficial to the company’s growth and development because you are assuring that the customer can have complete trust in the company’s privacy policies.


1)  SSL certificates can be purchased through the hosting provider. The prices range between the companies itself.

2)  Once, purchased download the SSL certificates into your network drive.

3)  Install the SSL certificate and then upload it to the websites. You will see that the http:// will become https:// confirming that a secure network has been established between the website and the browser.

4)  You will also see a padlock icon in the domain box, if the padlock is not present or there is a broken symbol next to it, then the site does not have a SSL certificate or your upload was not successful.

5)  To view the SSL certificate, all you need to do is click on the padlock and it will pull up a screen giving you all the information regarding the SSL certificate license.


Customer security is important not only to the business but the prospective consumer itself. It is an investment for the companies to acquire a SSL certificate. However when you look at the end benefits, you are securing the security of your business and the your prospective customers. And if you are a prospective Kemteck or already loyal Kemteck employee we will purchase the SSL certificate and manage the maintenance. Please not there is an additional fee to purchasing SSL certificates. However, we will make it simple and convenient for you.


Article referenced: https://www.globalsign.com/ssl-information-center/what-is-an-ssl-certificate.html