Hey Kemteck fans, what’s the topic of today’s Tuesday Tips for Success. Well today we’re going to talk about how you can build a simple and efficient websites.

So when building your website, many individuals try to go big and go to the extreme. You want to fill up your pages with as much information as possible. The truth is, going to extreme is overwhelming, especially for someone who is just trying to acquire basic information bout your company. So what’s the best way to do it.

1) White space, your website can be any colour but when we say white space we’re talking about leaving a significant amount of room. Don’t over populate your home page. Keep it simple with the title and maybe some featured content. Its nice to have small icons that can direct individuals to a page with the information they’re looking for.

2) Icons are really important. Image buttons are more effective than scrolling through tabs. Have small icons. Here’s an example. Say you’re trying to sell three different types of products. A B and C. ¬†Have separate icons for A B and C at the bottom of your page but also do this. Right a tiny description, a catch phrase about the product that will interest your customer to learn more about the product. The more simple the better.

3) Content: Don’t overwhelm your customers with too much content. Make sure the beginning sentences are to the point and then elaborate on the content. Very few people will read your site in depth so it is very important to have your main points in at the beginning. Bullet points are your friends when it comes to developing content. It is a great and effective way to narrow down your points. Start off with bullet points and then under elaborate on your content, so you tailor it to multiple customer perspectives. Your consumers will be happy and so will you.

4) Please note that bullet point formats will not work on everything. It is a suggestion to help you format some of your pages, but bullet points will not work for every page. However, you need to play it by ear and be the judge of what works and what does not. The basic point is, when you keep things simple and to the point you can redirect your customers to learn more and link certain pages to others so they have the options to explore.

5) Photos, many people are visual learners;¬†photos and visual aids are a great way to tell customers about your products. However, be aware of sizes. Look at what looks best for you. Image sizes don’t have to be uniformed, but you do need to tailor it to how the content would pop out. For example if I was selling a product that would market better visually then collaborating on written content, I would make sure that my photograph was the first item a prospective customer viewed before written content.

The point is websites don’t have to be overwhelming and confusing. Simplicity is key. When you keep things simple, your customer is happy and so are you. You can have multiple pages, multiple links that connect your customer to various pages if they would like to know more. Overpopulating a specific page will not only make you frustrated but the customer will feel overwhelmed too. If you’re still unsure about the process. Send us your feedback at Kemteck@gmail.com we will answer any questions you have regarding building a simplistic website.

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