In the last few years, the social media website “Facebook” has become a skyrocketing success. The numbers of daily users are completely astounding. The following stats are provided by theĀ Digital Marketing Agency:

Total Number of Facebook Users: 1.26 billion

Daily Active Users (US): 128 million

Number of Times Daily “Like” or “Share” Buttons are Viewed: 22 billion

Average Daily “Likes”: 4.5 billion

Average Daily “Share”: 4.75 billion

Facebook makes up 46% of the total consumer brand social sharing. These numbers are incredible. Imagine how simply utilizing this website could aide in making your business more successful. However, this work may be considered tedious by some. You might not have the time to devote to social media. That is where we come in!

Let Kemteck, Inc. take care of all your social media needs. The numbers do not lie, so do not underestimate this important part of marketing your business.