When Google+ emerged, it was heavily compared to Facebook in its layout and purpose, but in the last several years it has set itself apart from Facebook and all other forms of social media and has carved itself a reputation for being a great social media tool for businesses and people looking to reach out to others with similar interests.

One of the foundations that Google+ is built upon are its “communities,” which are interest and niche groups that anyone can create and join. There are local, national, and international communities focused on any subject you can imagine, and they help you to reach other people who are interested in the same topic. These communities are a great place to start when beginning to take advantage of Google+ because they will connect you with so many people that you normally would not connect with from all over the place, or right in your hometown.

Since Google’s company is behind this great form of social media, your business can also show up in the ads section of consumer’s search engines when they search for related things, giving your Google+ page a much greater chance of being reached. When people search for your business on Google, on the right-hand side and image of your company will show up as well as a brief description, reviews by customers, and a link to your Google+ page.

Sharing content on Google+ is also very efficient. Users can “+1” any content that you post, which shares it with people in their circles. There are also great insight and analytics features that give you information on who your followers are, what they are interested in, and how often they are connected to your content.

The last great feature for businesses is called the Hangout. You can set up a video chat with up to 10 people, giving you and your customers some great one-on-one time if they have questions, need to meet with you but are too far away distance-wise, or would just like to chat. This adds a very personal connection with your customers that goes along with all of the mass exposure that Google ads and communities provide. It is a great balance.

The big idea behind using Google+ for your business is all of the opportunities for different kind of exposure of your business that are different from Facebook, such as the ads and hangouts. Google+ is absolutely vital to businesses looking to expand, so contact us to find out how to get started!