How to have a blog in a blog? I found that this was a common question in WordPress forums. WordPress will automatically connect your blog posts to a single posts but you can pull certain posts and make them appear on specific pages. It’s a start to a frustrating process, but it doesn’t have be when you’re using TPG Get Posts.

TPG Get posts is a great plug-in and easy to use. You can find the plug-in by searching TPG Get posts. After you activate it here’s the best way to use this plug in.

1) Create the pages that you want specific blog posts to appear on. For example a blog about reviews may want a separate section for books, movies, ect. Let use books as an example. Create a page for books specifically. Once this is complete.

2) Create a blog posts about a specific book and tag that posts in a category, I would recommend matching the category to the page. Once you have a category and page created, edit you post page and use this short code in the text side of editing pages. [tpg_get_posts cat=”insert category here” numberposts=5]
TPG Get post will automatically filter the first five posts. You can change this number, also make sure you insert the specific category in between the quotation marks.

3) Now I know what you’re thinking, how do you get omit the main blog from showing because it is still pulling in blogs posts. Easy, remember the process of changing your static front page? Go to settings, click on reading. Don’t select anything for the posts pages to page and it will omit the main blog from your page. Now your blog posts will only filter to its category pages.

And there you have it, how to create a blog in a blog website using TPG Get Posts.