Yesterday I spoke about branding your business and tailoring it to your consumer. We discussed using low cost tools to develop your advertising campaign until you are ready to create your full website. This is why I recommend doing it this way: Social Media is your online face, not only does your consumer get to learn about you, but you also get to learn about them through their responses to your social media outlook.

1) Create a Facebook Page for your business, its free and it gives you great practice for creating your webpage. How? Well you have three sections: About Me, Mission, and Company Overview. In a limited amount of space provided on Facebook, you need to brainstorm these three things. Its great practice because often times we tend to over think how to set up a website. Brainstorming ways to write about your company’s about me section, mission and company overview helps you be precise and to the point. Like we said before, there are probably twenty other business out there selling the same product as you with that 2% microscopic difference. You need a catch to your business that makes you stand out from others selling a similar product and practicing via Facebook is a great way to do this.

2) Add photos to your Business Facebook, make it interpersonal but not too informal. Add pictures of your company’s staff, company gatherings, the company working hard to create and promote a product. The beauty of Facebook is, because it is so interpersonal that is a great way for prospective consumers to learn about your company’s culture. Consumers not only like great and efficient products or businesses, but they want to see that the company they are working with has interpersonal values. So use Facebook to your advantage. Lets be honest, if you put the number of pictures you put on Facebook on a website, it would overwhelm consumers unless you’re a photography company then that’s a different story. Like I said create that interpersonal bond with your prospective customers.

3) ¬†Remember my article about News Feeds! Facebook News feeds are important. Updating Statuses, one of the best ways to get your name out there. Put constant updates about your business. What events are you attending as a company, are you involved in the community? It’s an awesome way to help you prospective consumers know that you are out there. Like I said, accumulate likes. If a friend of a friend is liking your company, it will show up on your news feed. If they are commenting on your company website it will show up on another news feed. Make people come to you. Lets be honest when you get your website out there, there will be twenty other companies out there selling similar items and they’re going to look at the first site that pops up on their search engine. Instead develop your likes and popularity via Facebook, so instead of a consumer searching for the product your company sells, they will search for your company directly.

4) Use Facebook as a tool to do your research! Ask questions, it can even be something simple like “hey guys what’s your favorite thing about our company?” or depending on the product you’re selling, “what do you look for when you’re trying to buy x-product and fifty places are selling the same exact item?”. Facebook is so interpersonal that people will respond to your company. They will give you their feedback. ¬†And that’s how you can accumulate loyal and prospective customers. Consumers want to see that you care about them and that you’re acknowledging your customers. Let’s be honest, its free research. Remember yesterday’s article. It was about starting small and breaking through the big companies not vise versa. So use Facebook to develop your brand and research what your Facebook consumers reacted to, liked, and appreciated.

5) Remember, Facebook is a just a micro-window into the sphere of internet marketing, but it is a way to develop your brand. The common mistake many businesses make is they overwhelm their sites, trying to give their consumers all the information they need. However, when it comes to your site, you need to keep it simple and too the point. That’s why there’s social media to tackle all other complex duties. So take some time, start small, develop your Facebook page.


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If you are still not sure how to brand your business via Facebook, don’t worry Kemteck is here to help. We offer Social media set up and coaching. Why? Because we want to be there for you. We will set up your social Media and develop your website. Give you a strong brand that you can always count on. Take some time and experience the Kemteck Experience.