And today is another day for Tuesday Tips for Success. And today were are going to reverse and improve the old before we add to the new. We;re cutting it short today. Here are 4 tips to improve your already established website.

1) Re-edit your old content! Many business concentrate on adding content to their sites. It’s great to add new content, but you need to make sure your old content is still strong and reaching your prospective customers. Don’t become a victim of outdated information. Always make sure that your site is up to date.

2) Website appearance Along with re-editing your content, its important to edit the appearance of your website. Make sure your website is not too flashy. Its nice to make your website stick out, but there’s a limit to how flashy your website should be. Always make sure you’re guiding your customers to the content that is most important. Advertising via sliders is awesome and having various icons, but make sure they are effective.

3) Keeping your consumers updated Blogs and social media are awesome tools to help you maintain a relationship with your customers. Look back at events or important moments for your business and promote them via your site. News articles, press releases, even your own e-newsletters help your customers know what’s happening with your business. Blogs are a really great way to put yourself out there.

4) Take these three tips and reverse. I’m not saying completely re-create your site but go back and re-evaluate all the content you have on your site. Re-evaluate the icons, sliders, buttons, anything you used to create your site. Make sure that you’re observing your content via the consumer perspectives. Make sure your content is easy to reach via SEO’s. Yea its great to add, but make sure that your past work reflects your business and internet marketing evolution.