A -Attention – find a way to attract the customer’s attention by using specific words, icon, colours,etc.

I – Interest -making sure you are gaining the interests of prospective customers and maintaining that of current customers. Use new phrases, highlight benefits, and make yourself stand out from others.

D – Desire – make your customers believe that they have to have your product. It’s not about wanting the product its about having it.

A– Action -help guide customers into purchasing your specific product. Have a call to action available so that the product can be purchased right away.

 1) You need to make your site stand out and grab your customers attention. Let’s be honest, if your prospective customers does not know about your company they’re never going to find you via the web unless you are using strong keywords that attract search engines. How do you do this? Use specific words in your main campaign that will attract your prospective customers. For example, many customers who find Kemteck may use this specific phrase to search for us. “Internet Marketing and web design Minneapolis”. This is important, because often times search engines can be very broad so remember your consumers are using specific phrases and so should you. Grab your consumers attention! 

 2) Make your web page stand out. Consumers like to compare, especially if they are a prospective customer. Use phrases, colours, icons. Make your web page stand out to your prospective consumer, so after seeing your site they will not want to explore others. You probably heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well here’s the reality of that phrase, no matter how many times you say it; your consumers will first judge you via your cover. Make sure you are prepared, grab their attention!

 3) Make your webpage interesting. Using words and phrases that will make your customers intrigued by your company.  Don’t just talk about the products you’re selling, talk about how it will benefit your customer. Consumers love knowing about the benefits. Most companies who are offering the same product will talk about the uniqueness of the product. You need to talk about how it is unique and how it will be a great benefit to your consumer! Put just enough that your consumer will seek you out and ask further questions. Maintain their Interests! 

 4) Make you consumer believe that you need to have your product. Remember the phrase, distinguishing between what you want and what you need. Don’t make your consumer want your product, make them believe they need it. That is an absolute necessity for them! How do you make them believe this? Like I said talk about how your product will benefit their needs. Benefits, benefits, benefits! It’s all about the benefits.

5) Always have a call to action plan  available on your page. Often times consumers will become very excited about your product or services. A common mistake companies make is, that they get their consumers excited about a product but don’t always have a guiding call to action option. Make sure there is always a link guiding your customer to purchase your product on the spot. Remember impulse buying? Take advantage of it, because you have gained your customers attention and interest, assessed their needs and now they are confident about you and your company. Make sure you always have a call to action!


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