Only fifteen days until new years eve and many businesses are getting ready for a big change. Before we get ready for 2015 lets look back at 2-14.

1) What were the greatest successes?

2) What are you going to take into 2015?

3) What kind of feedback did you receive from  your loyal customers?

4) What when wrong in 2014- how are you going to improve your mistake?

5) Did you receive any negative feedback in 2014, how are you going to prevent it in 2015?

There are so many more questions you could ask yourself, but take a couple minutes and ponder these five questions. What happened in 2014, fifteen days till new years and there’s a lot to think about, but don’t stress out there’s a reason why 2014 was important.

A common mistake many individuals and businesses make is moving forward without re-evaluating the past. Don’t neglect the negative mistakes, instead learn from them and brainstorm ways to improve what went wrong in addition to improving what went right. There’s always ways to improve the old and make them new. Fifteen days until New Years, how will you business spend its company time.