Last week we explained what Hashtags were. This week we’re going even further and teaching you how to use hashtags when it comes to your social media marketing experience.

Hashtags are very important when it comes to connecting your business and increasing exposure. When you use a hashtag it connects a posts to other similar posts by categorizing them together for example using a hashtag like #marketing. Marketing is a very broad topic but its a way to get yourself started ie: #marketing tips about using hashtag or here are some great #marketing tips about using hashtag. You can transition it into the posts or use hastags at the end. Its a lot like categorizing a blog into multiple categories but via social media.

Some individuals like to use multiple hashtags to categorize a posts, to increase its exposure via social media. Ie. Here are some great #marketing tips about using #hashtag via social media by #KemteckInc. or here are some great marketing tips about using hashtag via social media by Kemteck Inc. #marketing #hashtag, #Kemteck inc. There are multiple ways to transition this into a posts, but most importantly it’s about increasing your exposure.

Next question, can you create your own hashtags? Yes you can! Hashtags are a great way to brand your business. Create your own hashtags with your business name. Even if it’s the first posts. By creating that first posts with that first hashtag,  you have established a hashtag category on social media. Ie #KemteckInc. Having this hashtag out there encourages others to use the hashtag and helps increase business exposure.

Here’s another great way to use hashtags,  promoting a campaign, ie say you’re promoting a sale within your business. Let’s say Payless’s BOGO sale, create a hasthtag that says #BOGO or PaylessBOGO to connect individuals who are part of the sale. Or promote a huge event that’s going and connect your business. For example Home depot promoted a photo contests and asked fans to use #HDGAMEDAY during college football season. The photo contest did not have anything to do with the company but many individuals participated increasing Home Depot’s exposure via social media. It also connected prospective customers to loyal customers. (wishpond.com)

These examples are just a couple ways of using hashtags. Look at it this way, hashtags are like categorizing posts or promoting a new campaign. Once you have one hashtag out there, its inevitable that others will use it. Use as many as you wish to and get your business out there.