What are Facebook Insights?

Facebook offers free Facebook insights, but what are these insights exactly? Insights are similar to Google analytic. Before we explain the importance of these insights, we will break down what each insight means.

Insights: information about the page’s performance. This is only available after a page reaches a minimum of thirty likes.

Insights API: access to underlying data presented via the insights dashboard.

Insights for Platform websites: measuring website links that are shared via Facebook. This can be accesses from the dashboard.

Audience Insights: The number of individuals who have logged into Facebook and view your page or are active on the page.

Page Insights: The number of people who have liked your page.  (Facebook.com).

Now that we have defined all these insights, this is how you access the insights.

1) Go to your Business Facebook Timeline

2) In the bottom right corner of the header you will see the share button, right next to this button is the … button, click on and scroll down to insights.

Here Facebook will give you an overview of your pages activity, popularity and more.


Overview: gives you information about the number of likes your Facebook page is receiving, posts reaches, and audience engagement in addition to posts clicks. I.e. how many people are becoming fans and how many individuals are potential fans and clients.

Likes: overview of how many likes and unlike your page has received, over the course of a day, week, month, and year.

Reaches: an overview of the amount of individuals your page and posts are reaching.

Visits:  How many individuals are visiting your page and how many of them are re-visits.

Posts: Are individuals being engaged in your posts, are they being driven back to your website via your posts.

People: The demographics of the posts, who is following your business page, what is there country, city, age origin.

Using this information is important because individuals can understand who is engaging in their Facebook page and website. Especially when it comes to demographics. When you’re starting a business. you might want to center your product around certain demographics. Using Facebook insights will give you an idea of how many individuals are accessing your page and if your content is reaching a specific target.