Many businesses and individuals have been asking about Pinterest. What is Pinterest exactly? Pinterests can be considered a form of social media, but the application differs in communication and delivery. Pinterest is a visual sharing board of bookmarks. There is an infinite amount of products and entities that can be shared on Pinterest. First we need to understand how Pinterest works.

Boards: The boards are like categories or folders. You can organize your boards  into specific topics. I.e. marketing products, architectural board, the options are endless.

Pins: Pins are similar to pressing a like button via Facebook, except pining something saves it to your specific board for others to see. When you pin something to your specific board, others can view your board instead having to return to the original posting page.

How does this benefit a company? Companies can create their own board via pinterests but also create other boards that relate to the company. For an example an architectural company could create a board for the company itself, but also maintain a board that called Greek architecture, Turkish and pin examples onto their board. This helps because an individual may not know about your company but they might find a pin that you pin. This would guide them back to learning about the company and could make an individual a prospective or permanent customer.