No longer are the days when running a great business is enough to keep it thriving or even afloat—now a physical location must be accompanied by a strong online presence, and not just a website. That’s right; business owners nowadays must take advantage of Social Media, which can be defined as a series of online platforms that cater to different services, clientele, and goals.

Let’s be honest. It’s 2013, so of course you are aware of some basic social media platforms and what they do. You’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and maybe your business has already taken advantage of these; but have you begun to utilize the possibilities of social media to their full potential?

The number of social media users in your locale and around the world is ever increasing, so why not take advantage of this huge audience range and turn them into potential customers?  With social media you can target broad audiences, narrow in on specific markets, work with other businesses to promote each other, and give customers a glimpse into your business like they’ve never been able to before. In this upcoming series of blog posts, we will provide an overview of each dominant social media platform and how they can be used to work towards your company’s goals.

If you are interested in getting your businesses started with social media, contact us for more information!