A lot of businesses and individuals have been asking about Google Plus. A common misconception is that Google plus is just like Facebook. It would seem that way looking at it through the exterior but it is so much more than that.  It is a necessary platform for promoting yourself or your business. There are two sides to Google Plus, Personal profile pages and Business Pages:


Personal Google Plus: For the personal use, Google Plus is similar to Facebook. You can posts statuses, pictures, share events ect, however the difference is that there is more control on who sees which content you post on Google Plus and that is because of Circles.  Circles on Google Plus is a way to group acquaintances together based on family, close friends, colleagues, and also create your own circles so you can share content on the fly with the people it matters too (Close friends won’t care about where you and your colleagues might be meeting for lunch, etc.).  You can create online hangouts. Say there’s an event you want to promote online, you can set that up via Google Plus. You can check in and tell your friends where you are but tailor it for certain individuals to see. It is similar to Facebook but on a high spectrum.


The Business Google Plus: Let’s be honest Google is taking over the internet.  When you think of a search engine, what pops into your mind?  Google? Right? Well surprise, surprise, Google + is owned by Google Inc. What does that mean, it means that Google will always promote itself first via their own search engine. So how does Google + benefit business. Well a Google Plus page is basically your online business card, like I said Google will promote itself first. When you create a Google Plus business page you basically add everything that you put into a business card first ie: Contact information. When a prospective customer searches your business via Google the information about your businesses via Google plus will be the first item individuals see on the right side of the search engine page.  Google pulls a map of your exact location and gives prospective customers directions to get to your business. Google even pulls up reviews about your business and promotes your Google Plus page. Prospective consumers can even view your latest posts via Google. Remember, how individuals can check in and right statuses. Your consumers can write about your business and network for you without even knowing it. How? By checking in, tagging your business in posts or even just following your business. Google Plus is basically social media within one tool. Google Plus is your online fac