If you’re building your website via WordPress then here’s an important plugin that you need to develop your website, the SEO by Yoast plugin. SEO is extremely important because it helps increase your website traffic by helping prospective customers find your site. Before we begin with tips, here’s some background on SEO by Yoast. Yoast is a search engine optimization tool that helps measure the strength of your website’s, specially page search engine optimizations by measuring the strength and statistic of your focus key words. There are many SEO plugins on WordPress, but we at Kemteck would highly recommend SEO by Yoast for your WordPress SEO checks. and here are the reasons why. Yoast measures the amount of words in your body copy and explains if your content is enough and measures the number of times your keywords are found in the content, specifically in the first paragraph.

1) Focus on strong content. Write everything that you believe is essential for your prospective consumers.  Before anything, always have strong written content. This content will help you develop and find your WordPress SEO keyword.

2) Once you have completed the content for you page, review your content and find your focus keyword.

3) Make sure your focus keyword is found in your title, URL and first paragraph of your posts. You can easy change wordpress URLs. Use this to your benefit, it will help develop your WordPress SEO.

4) Save your page draft and review your Yoast analytics. ie: is your keyword in your first paragraph, in your URL, has it been used enough times or too many times.

5) Remember, don’t be too repetitive with your keyword. Concentrate on developing your content, but throw in your key words too. The beauty of Yoast; the tool tells you if you have used your keywords too many times. Keywords are important, however too much repetition will not work in your favor.

6) Save and review, that’s the best way to develop your WordPress SEO. Remember, its all about developing your content. It won’t be perfect the first time. The great thing about WordPress; you can always go back and edit. Take some time, develop your content, find your focus keyword and keep on developing. Remember perfection is through the prospective consumer, so don’t be afraid to experiment on what works.

And if you’re still uncertain about website content development and WordPress SEO, don’t stress out because that’s what we do at Kemteck Inc. Take some time and get a free website proposal. We will develop your website and take care of WordPress SEO. Remember! Kemteck is always around to help you with your internet marketing experience.

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