All of our client sites are built using WordPress, one of the most widely used CMS around. Over 60 million websites are driven by WordPress, and it is very easy to learn and use. We think that having a site built on WordPress allows our clients quickly be able to add and edit the on-page content of their site, and lets every site have a blog section, which is vital for SEO.

WordPress is a CMS meaning Content Management System, which is essentially a way for the website owner to connect the database(where the information is stored) with the display on the website. The administrator GUI(graphical user interface) that comes with WordPress is nearly the same across all WordPress sites; using an easy to understand back-end, WordPress allows even the newest website owners to quickly learn to add content and take charge of their web presence.

Kemteck provides attempted design websites for our clients. We will take one of several templates we work with and customize it to fit your branding, goals, and visual layout you want, including adding custom features/plugins, so that your site has the look you want combined with our branding/marketing expertise, all built over the WordPress core.

Using WordPress has many advantages for our clients:

  • WordPress is frequently updated to fix security issues
  • WordPress has many plugins that can add features to our clients websites – from social media integration, to automatic posting, to event directories, adding functionality to your site is easy
  • WordPress saves development time – meaning it is quicker for us to make you a website, so you aren’t sitting around for months waiting for your new web presence
  • WordPress cuts costs, both for us as developers and for you – which is why we say “we offer great pricing for great websites”
  • Updating WordPress is easy, you don’t have to pay someone to go in and change most things, you can do it yourself
  • WordPress works well with Google, because Google loves sites with lots of well written content – WordPress at its heart was developed to be a blogging system, so adding more content is always easy
  • WordPress is widely used – there is tons of support and help out there for WordPress websites, and finding people to work on your WordPress Site is easy – of course here at Kemteck we provide complete support for the functionality of your site
  • WordPress is scalable – from a site with only a couple of pages/posts and one user, to a site with many users, hundreds of pages/posts, WordPress can do it all

At Kemteck we are professional WordPress designers. We have built/mainteined/hosted thousands of WordPress sites in many industries. From Real Estate, to Sewer Cleaning, to informational site, Kemteck has built a WordPress that looks great and works great.

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