When you’re using WordPress to build a website and blogging ins’t your main focus, its probably very frustrating to see your blog show up on your home page. Many of us spend hours playing around with WordPress, trying to fix this problem. Here are a couple easy steps to changing your front page.

1) After you complete your WordPress Installation sign into your account. When you’re in your account you will find the Dashboard on the left side of the page and another menu right at the top. Click on New and then scroll down to the page tab. Before altering your blog posts page, make sure you create a home page.

2) When you’re creating a new page, you’ll find another menu on the left side of the page, the page attributes. In the page attributes you will find an option that says order number. Always stay consistent and order your pages. (ordering pages is important because this is how it will look on your website menu bar). You cannot delete the blog from WordPress, but you can have the blog posts, posts to another page to keep it consistent.

3) After you finish making and saving these pages go back to the dashboard and click on settings, then scroll down to reading.

4) At the top you will find an option that says Front Page displays. Click on the Static page option and the options for front page and post page will open.

5) Choose the page that will appear as your front page.

6) Choose a page for your post page.

7) Once this is complete, you can start editing your WordPress front page and posting to your blog page.

And there you have it. Another Wednesday guide to WordPress. We’re going to start from the basics and help you our consumer become a WordPress expert.