Writing a Press Release doesn’t have to be difficult. Press Releases should be simple, to the point, but should grab the reader’s attention. So how do you write a Press Release, we have 5┬ásteps to writing a Press Release.

1) Have a strong attention grabbing headline – When you write a press release, it has to be about a subject that the public will take interest in. Remember the cliche, don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Well individuals never listened to that, the truth is the public is going to be judging your press release by its headline. So make your headline interesting, short, and to the point. Think of a title that would interest you if you were looking at this from the consumer’s perspective. You need to wear multiple hats when you’re promoting your businesses: your marketing hat and consumer hat.

2) Catch your target’s attention within the first paragraph – A pres release is not a full article. You need to get straight to the point within the first paragraph. When a journalist or blogger are reading your press release, they want to know why they should share your press release within the first paragraph. It’s like writing a mini research paper or essay. Your first paragraph is your attention getting paragraph.

3) Maintain a strong supporting paragraph or paragraphs – Your supporting paragraph or paragraphs needs to get your target audience excited about your press release. Hook them in with your headline and first paragraph but maintain their interest. It’s always best to have one supporting paragraph, you don’t want your press release to be too long. Some opinions say you can have a max of 1 to 2 pages. I prefer to keep it short and simple. Give individuals a reason to read your press release and share it fast. Try to collect quotes or personal testimonies to make you press release stronger.

4) Test your audience reaction – Writing a Press Release is like a writing an essay or research paper. Write rough drafts and review your Press Releases. Find individuals who do not have the same bias as you and have them give you some feedback. Test out multiple drafts before you release your final Press Release.

5) End with a call to action twists – Your Press Release has to be small and to the point but that doesn’t mean you can’t give the reader more information about your business. Having a great call to action twists at the end, something that guides your target audience’s interest. Always have you contact information on a Press Release. A Press Release isn’t a sales advertisement but it is a technique to increase your prospective consumers. Increase your target’s audience interest in your business.

There you have it, 5 easy steps to writing a strong Press Release. And if you’re an individual that has a strong business but doesn’t have a strong website to guide your public interest. Well you came to the write site. Take a minute and get a free website estimate for your business.


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