As the second-largest online search engine, having a presence on YouTube is essential to growing your business.  The exposure your company gets from videos with an entertaining or informative purpose will lead to more hits in other areas of your online presence, and eventually more business.  But like any other kind of advertising, you must take the right strategy.


In an age with such a short attention span, you’ll need to let customers know in the first two minutes why they will need your product or service.  Once you have their attention, they will be able to click through to your home page to check more out.  It is important to have the right keywords and title for your video, so that your audience can stumble upon it and watch.


Research shows that more and more people are willing to watch a video about a product as opposed to reading directions, so chances are they are already looking online for a product like yours.  The key is not to make it seem like advertising.  If what your business is showing is fun and informative, more people will share it.  So, too, with collaborating on projects- create a video with an individual or company who already has a strong presence online or in social media, and you may well see your own likes, comments, and traffic skyrocket.  Oftentimes just being active and sharing videos of others can get reciprocating shares.


Another valuable tool is the YouTube Channel, something that any individual, business, or entity has access to for their very own. Being able to get subscribers means many more views and exposure for your products and services.  Make them part of your customers and potential customers lives.