Our Referral Program

Extraordinary, Profitable & Simple

$300 average commission with 10% of each sale

Don’t miss out on some free money!


It’s simple math.

Average Project Sale


Your Commission


You Make


Approved Business Types

We want to work with complementary businesses such as; computer repair, printers, sign companies, internet marketing companies, SEO & SEM, Network Specialists, PR Firms, etc.

The Details

Simple, Easy, No-Brainer  to Try Out

Totally free to you! No fees or long term commitment.

You receive your payments upfront! – You get paid when we collect our first payment. No waiting for job completion, cash-out minimums, or any nonsense.

Unlimited earnings! Our projects range from $1,500 to $50,000. No matter how big the project you receive 10%.

Simple process! Just supply the lead/referral and we do the rest.  If the buy within 60 days we’ll pay you the commission. For online forms we both receive a copy so you can track.

Proactive marketing plan! Partners need to be active to promote web design services. We will provide the work.  Have tab and page on your website “Web Design Services” – we can build page for you. Email monthly newsletter to customer list about web design – we can manage. Post on social media, etc.

Get a free new state of the art website! For select partners we will provide a new modern website for FREE!

No long term agreement! Either party can cancel at anytime.


No risk for trying! Simply fill out and sign below and let’s get started.